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The Thigpens

“With our funeral pre-planned, our children will never be burdened with this expense.” - Cecil Thigpen

I have lived in the Carter Community since I was 6 years old. I met my wife, Sue, in Business College. She is from Dizney, Kentucky. We were married October 17, 1957. We are members of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church where I joined in 1949. She also joined after we were married. I am a veteran - 1958-1960, assigned to the Army Chief of Staff Office in the Pentagon. We are now both retired. We have one son, John and wife Sheila and one daughter, Linda and husband, Mike. We have 4 granddaughters, Allison, Lindsay, Andrea, and Rachel.

We own 4 burial plots at Eastview Cemetery, along with our grave marker. Around 2003, we started thinking about the need to pre-plan our burial so our children would not be burdened with this task. We had selected a funeral home to approach about the cost. In talking to a friend he told us that Dennis would be building his own facility soon. We decided to wait on Dennis to open his funeral home. I had known Dennis when he worked at McCarty Funeral Home. As a member of the Carter Optimist Club, when we had a fund raisers Dennis was always willing to by an ad in our program. He continued this support after opening Bridges Funeral Home.

On October 1, 2005, soon after his funeral home opened, Sue and I along with my sister Mary Jane, pre-planned our final arrangements with Darla. It was a very relaxed meeting with no pressure to buy anything other than what we selected. Mary Jane passed away May 11, 2011. Mary Jane paid $8,704 for her funeral in October of 2005. Mary Jane’s funeral invoice submitted to the trust company by Bridges after her death was $10,589.11. The trust paid what funds were in the account, and we were not required to pay any more money.

After my sister's death, we found out that there are so many other decisions to be made. We were glad we had pre-planned. We never know if we are going to out-live our retirement funds. With our funeral pre-planned, our children will never be burdened with this expense.

An earlier experience we had with Bridges was when my mother-in-law (who lived with us) died. She was from Kentucky and when her husband died 20 years ago she came to live with us. She had pre-planned in Kentucky. When she passed away, we trusted Dennis to work with the funeral home in Kentucky and to take care of our every request without any extra expense for us. He even offered to let us use his SUV to travel to the funeral in Kentucky. Bridges Funeral Home goes the extra mile to satisfy your every request.

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